Easy/Mid/Tough rafting | Age limit 12 years

Meet us at the Viking camp near Ekorrsele. Here is where we get kitted out with wetsuits, shoes, helmets and life wests. After getting changed you will transport yourselves to the start of the rafting tour in your own vehicles, about 7 kilometres.

We start by paddling through the Upper Trollforsen, which is about 1,100 meters long with a fall height of 8 meters. Here is where the real fun begins in the rapid river and among the white water. Don’t be surprised if you get a shower or two. After a short section of still water we then throw ourselves out into the Lower Trollforsen, which is about 1,300 meters long with a fall height of 7 meters. The water tour takes about 1–1.5 hour.

Total time estimate 2–2.5 hour.

The white-water tour

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