Welcome to a place where reindeers lives. In this place you will experience how a day like a reindeer herder can be. You will feed the reindeers with lining and the most important food "Laven". With a little luck, they will eat the Laven from your hands.


After the reindeer have got their food, you will learn more about reindeers and listen to stories about what a reindeer herder does. You will sitt in a hut in the reindeer village, a small town built of huts in the middle of the forest. Inside the hut you will learn to make a cup of coffee over an open fire and taste the reindeer meat.


When the stories are over, you will learn that the most important thing you need to know as reindeer herders, how to throw Lasso. When the day is over you will bring your cup home as a gift. So, you always can drink coffee as a reindeer herder!


Activity ca:3 hours

Meet the Hundred Reindeer

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